[Beta-testers] 4 nasty bugs in Elastix

Ramón Lozano solidpc at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 15:53:17 ECT 2009

I forgot to put some links:


Asterisk-rsp also includes all Odicha's patches for HFC-s/4S/8S bri
cards  to work with dahdi and libpri. I still don't know why they
weren't included in elastix some time ago, as some Spanish users (like
me) requested to the developers.

I have been compiling asterisk-rsp over Elastix 1.5.2  in some
production machines for some time now, and they work ok.

Just look at the Elastix bugtracker, many severe bugs (as bug #120 for
example) are asterisk bugs...
We shoud avoid this to happen as soon as possible.

El 17 de julio de 2009 22:35, Ramón Lozano<solidpc at gmail.com> escribió:
> Hi Fernando,
> This is why I was thinking that it would be very wise to split Elastix
> into Elastix/stable and Elastix/testing versions.
> Elastix is a very complex system that depends on many different
> applications that keep updating constantly.
> And too many times things break with some changes.
> This SHOULD NOT happen in a telephony distribution, it should be as
> stable as possible, and more if you install a production system with
> hundreds of extensions.
> If you read in the google group asterisk-es, people are not very happy
> about latest asterisk development, and they have decided to keep a svn
> with the most stable asterisk version, according to their oppinion -
> and they are the best here in Spain.
> I propose we could use asterisk-rsp as a base for elastix/stable and
> leave all the crazy updates for asterisk/unstable.
> We should also choose the most stable versions of freePBX, hylafax,
> etc, and maintain them as well.
> I've been talking to Rafael about this and he agrees with me
> completely, so now we need Edgar to agree as well.
> Best regards
> Ramon Lozano

Un saludo,

Ramon Lozano

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