[Developers] Sugestion about update Elastix 1.3 to 1.4

Bruno Macias bmacias at elastix.org
Wed Jan 21 10:32:55 GALT 2009

Dear Friends, 
We are working in the upgrade process from Elastix 1.3 to Elastix 1.4, 
but we have some issues with freepbx. After the upgrading is done 
freePBX is no updated a 100% and it wont work well. To solve this we 
have to do this process manually: 

1) Enter to unembedded freePBX 
2) In the administration module select check for updates online 
3) Upgrade all 
4) Enable the following modules: Queue priority, VoiceMail Blasting and

After that the upgrade should be find. Any one have ideas on how to 
automatize this so that it could be done in the upgrade process. 

Best Regards, 


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