[Developers] call for ideas in an initial message for elastix install advisory

Ing. Fernando M. Villares Terán - InteliX Ingeniería & Telecomunicaciones fernando at intelix.com.ar
Wed Nov 18 12:08:43 ECT 2009

>>>What is the exact purpose of this advisory?
>>>Educational? Most people will ignore it, I guess. Or at least: most of
>>>those who actually tend to be the poor implementors.

Just for information and to separate Elastix as a somewhat universal
telephony product and the implementor...elastix is not guilty the
implementor is and we have to advise the final user to keep that in
mind...if you look in the tradicional teco systems manuals all of them has a
compliance to xxxx international standars page to see in which countries is
ok to use without touching especial parameters

>>>Legal? If they don't pay for support they should not expect any
>>>>warantee. If your lawyers advise you that this may not be enough I'll
>>>humbily admit not being a lawyer and take their advise.

Elastix has not legal incumbence in most countries as is not registered
trademark or product or patented software in most countries in the world so
legally its useless and if you have a telco problem and loose 250000 U$
dollars for example using Elastix automatically closes the claim in favor of
your telco because Elastix as of today has no legal homologations or
certifications in most countries that i know (argentina colombia, Venezuela
chile paraguay uruguay, mexico, España, etc etc)

>>>Are there many country-specific settings? Where? Or was this just a
>>>random example of where things can go wrong?

There are more than 40 unique parameters that change from country to country
in digital and analog telephony services that are verified and certified by
the ITU organization so its a big thing IMHO to take in account.

Hope it will clarify more the big picture.
Telephony is not traditional software like apache is...it has standard
compliances to organizations around the globe and could lead some people to
use it really bad because of not knowing this issues.

Best regards

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