[Developers] Backups and restore

Ing. Fernando M. Villares Terán - InteliX Ingeniería & Telecomunicaciones fernando at intelix.com.ar
Thu Oct 1 09:19:17 ECT 2009

A telephone system as any system is not a place for nOOBs simply delete the
OSI 8 layer the human error layer
your trouble is not total elastix error is
a between the chair and keyboard error

A simple solution, make a chart in the datacenter where you can put the
backup date, the upgrading dates and who touch the system

If you dont touch the system and the backup is up to that versión there is
no problem at all in backup and restores 

I have used the restore and backup function in many places without problems.



Saludos Cordiales,


Ing. Fernando M. Villares Terán

Mat. CIE. 2-2517-7 


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